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Corporate FairCraft® is a team of specialists empowered by joint experience of successful project implementation and unified by a joint philosophy. As customer you will benefit from our all-encompassing know-how and our special skills which are required to successfully implement cross-national and cross-cultural projects.

  • Lukardis von Studnitz, Contact: studnitz@corporatefaircraft.com

    With more than 15 years experience Lukardis von Studnitz (a German-American) has successfully implemented a range of large and small international projects together with partners from government, business, civil society and the arts: international conferences on development topics, presentations at international trade fairs with companies from emerging markets and the presentations of several nations at the World Exposition EXPO 2000 Hannover, guidance in product development and marketing with artisanal cooperatives of which a number of products were presented by the German VOGUE. Her goal is to contribute to the sustainable preservation of cultural diversity and responsible economic growth. “Turning business into a positive social force” (Ben Cohen, founder of Ben & Jerry’s) is her approach to provide support to cooperatives in lower income communities and to also link them with global companies in their search for compatible CSR projects. This in turn can enable the implementation of such projects and to ensure their successful communication.
    With her company Luxury FairCraft® Lukardis von Studnitz successfully implements this philosophy: unique and high quality artisanal products sustainably produced in carefully selected projects are presented at her Cologne showroom as well as in her internet shop.

  • Sabine Lydia Müller, Contact: mueller@corporatefaircraft.com

    Since 1994 Sabine Lydia Müller has been active in German media: Initially in the production of TV formats followed by many years of successfully marketing personalities within the German TV landscape. Sabine Lydia Müller owns the communication agency SYMBIOSE EINS*. Founded in 2006, her agency provides specialized public relations for sustainability of products and services. Well integrated into the world of LOHAS, she is politically active and a member in several decisive sustainable networks. This ensures that companies as well as journalists recognize her PR expertise and accept her as a credible and authoritative contact person.

  • Odile Gbaguidi, Contact: gbaguidi@corporatefaircraft.com

    Since 1992 Odile Gbaguidi (of French and Benin origin) has been involved in inter cultural management, acquisition and project development.
    She has many years of experience in consulting, organization and accompanying governmental institutions and private companies at international exhibitions and world exhibitions.
    Some of the projects which showcase her excellence in managing intercultural dialogue are: implementing the presence of West African countries (amongst others at the World’s Fair EXPO 2000 Hannover, International Horticulture EXPO 2003 Rostock, Pacific Flora 2004 Japan, World’s Fair Aichi 2005 Japan, Chiang Mai 2006/2007 Thailand), assisting in the EXPO candidature Izmir 2015, advising international organizations (GTZ German Technical Cooperation, Bureau International des Expositions in Paris).
    Odile Gbaguidi excels in strategic corporate relations and transparent communications. She has a solid reputation for delivering high quality lobbying and ensuring trustworthy and efficient international relations.

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